About Ken Tanner


Ken’s first job was scrubbing dishes in a Pizza Hut while attending Mem-phis State University. Ken soon became the youngest manager in that chain’s history. What followed was a 20 year career where Ken once owned a historic dinner theatre as well as served as area director, regional vice president, director of training, and even COO of companies such as Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and Advantage.

At 37, Ken retired from the restaurant industry and founded a human resource consulting firm. Initially focusing on recruiting, Ken now works with companies to build teamwork and retain their employees.

Ken is the author of Recruiting Excellence (2000), Retaining Employees (2002), Never Order Barbecue in Maine and Proven Career Strategies (2006). Ken’s client list for employee retention includes organizations like Fedex, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Donato’s Pizza, Taco Bell Corp., JDK Enterprises, Morrison’s Healthcare, Ruby Tuesday’s, Inc, WenSouth Corp., Alabama Building Contractors Association, O’Neil Management Services, Inc. and many more.

Ken will complete his Ph.D. studies in Organizational Psychology in autumn of 2006. He is a huge fan of Atlanta Braves baseball; Ken and his family live in Marietta, GA


Retaining Employees Workshop


This workshop shows how to successfully fight destructive turnover in your organization. The program includes lecture, discussion, Q&A, break-outs as well as video clips from popular movies illustrating many of the concepts.  While it will be a work session resulting in actionable and measurable plans, the session will be lively, interesting and often just a lot of fun. 


In order to assure participants get the most from this workshop, participants are encouraged to advise us of the topics which have the greatest impact on their individual businesses.  Special attention will be given to those topics common to the attendees, thus assuring that everyone leaves with their specific needs fully addressed.


Each participant will receive a copy of Ken Tanner’s book on turnover, Retaining Employees.


Topics include:


Why Retention is Important

The direct and indirect costs of turnover.  The impact turnover has on customers.  The loss of intellectual capital.  Impact on profits. The myth of “good turnover.”   Retaining the services of the retiring worker.  Saving the poor performer.  Reacting to headhunters.


Recognizing Discontent

Watching for life changes.  Listening to your employees.  Retention practices to avoid.  Asking THE QUESTION.  Proper exit interview strategy.  Proper use of the culture survey.


Starting Them Off Right

How to recruit and hire for retention.  Conducting a retention-positive transition. Conducting a positive orientation.  Defining expectations.  Involving the whole family.  Retention-based training programs.  Recognizing the critical days.  Celebrate new employees.


Providing the Basics

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs vs the Golden Rule. The role of compensation.  Creative benefit programs: playing with the big boys. Taking credit for benefits you provide.  Addressing job security.  The critical role of thorough training.  Safety: the new definition for the 21st century.


Relationships with Managers and Co-Workers

The value of good management.  Recognizing poor management.  Providing a family-friendly culture. Tackling harassment. 


Enabling Personal Fulfillment

Identifying each person’s goals.  Creating a sense of personal value.  Scheduling spontaneity. Promoting peer recognition. Creative use of titles.  Using performance reviews. How to reach the highest level of employee loyalty and commitment.  How to enhance job quality and interest. Addressing work-place and lifestyle deficiencies.


Reactive Retention

How to beat the headhunters at their own game. What to do when an employee resigns.