About Orginaliti Media Inc. :


Originaliti® invents transformational products & services that help individuals contribute their diverse talents to achieving different business results.


Originaliti is a synthesis of Sue Baechler’s 30-year career - 17 years as an Internet and retail executive in operations, education, communications - and 13 years as an entrepreneur. Originaliti serves the individual worker and consumer through business organizations like Deloitte & Touche, Xerox, GE Capital, Starbucks, Genentech, H&R Block, Hilton Hotels, CVS Pharmacy, Honeywell, Unisys, Albertsons, Fast Company and Hallmark.


Originaliti’s multiple media products – online services, live events, and interactive simulations – help whole divisions and companies of people “act their way into thinking differently” to keep businesses evolving.


Chris Turner at Xerox needed to transform the way people learn and serve customers so the multi billion-dollar document manager could keep up with 40% a year growth. Sue’s company created what Fast Company magazine calls a “dazzling array of events, experiences, simulations, and seminars . . .” during a four-year relationship. Audie Dunham from H&R Block’s consulting division wanted 350 consultants to double their business revenues in two years. Originaliti created a 2-day renewable event with 6 new corporate customers in the same room that not only had their challenges addressed LIVE, but paid for the event. Jo Dutcher from Deloitte & Touche needed to turn 60,000 accountants into effective salespeople (and traditional training wasn’t working). Sue invented an interactive simulation – used worldwide in multiple languages — that created the future relationships and results they wanted and accelerated successful selling. Bob Champlin from Hilton needed to create an empowerment culture in 50,000 hotels . . . Tom Brailsford at Hallmark wanted to connect the “originality” of product development people with customer research to innovate products that take the company beyond a “card” retailer . . .


About the speakers :


As a founder and CEO of Originaliti Media Inc, Sue has invented tools and techniques to transform organizational work culture for several fortune 500 companies.

Sue’s work with companies in the US, Africa, Europe and Canada has led to the invention of two new services customizable to any organization: 1) The Love It Club™ – a web-based personal & social tool for individual satisfaction, creativity & work effectiveness; and 2) Creative Commercial Communities® an inclusive innovation process that invites consumers & suppliers inside companies to mutually gain from business growth idea generation.


Sue has a BA in Communication Design & Education from Buckminster Fuller’s School of Design at Southern Illinois University. She holds copyrights, trademarks and patents for her games, online tools, books, business simulations, and business models. Sue lives in Orange County, California with her husband and two children.



Workshop Details :


The New Tools of Participation and Innovation

This 5-hour, interactive learning experience is a simulation and demonstration that

introduces participants to the new tools of participation and innovation.


1. GAME – 3.5 hours


The simulation is a face-to-face game that takes players inside an organization to act their way into thinking differently. They learn:


1) where innovative behaviors and new ideas come from

2) how to set the stage for continuous creative participation


During the simulation, participants are immersed in real-life scenarios of innovation

challenges and barriers. They learn how to engage people in their company’s purpose,

change mindsets, and create systems that result in greater participation and innovation.

It’s fun, fast, authentic, and everyone’s involved.

Games are available for purchase.



2. TOOL – 1.5 hours


The Love It Club™ online community is demonstrated in the context of two international

companies: Starbucks and Northrop Grumman. The online tool (which is tailor made for

any organization) gives people access to each other, experts, and information to take

ownership of their careers, ideas, and satisfaction. Participants experience how the tool is a

communication platform for getting people talking, ideating, sharing, and loving their work.