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1. Why is Innovation Trip a high return on investment?
Ans :
Business conferences give you a chance to network, but those don’t let you take the speakers and experts one on one. Duration of business conferences is generally 1-3 days, which is not enough time to discuss business prospects and problems with the people that you network with. Innovation Trip is a highly effective method of combining workshops, discussion with experts and a visit into atmosphere which inspires you to take action from the conclusive outcome of the tour. Tour includes places which show you the nearest future of your and your customer’s business. The atmosphere is just enough to trigger the most effective business decisions.

2. How is Innovation Trip very useful for Global leaders?
Innovation Trip has been closely aligned with business goals and problems with industries facing worldwide. When the trends for offshoring are increasing in high-end economies, global industry is facing problem of work culture that is not centered on innovation, customer needs and business aspects. Innovationtrip gives leaders an opportunity spend a day with industry experts that have introduced culture of innovation in fortune 500 companies helping them boost their people power. Tour has the most innovative places for visits where a technology is being invented that will affect you and your customers’ business. A video coverage of innovationtrip will be sent to their organizations for sharing experiences with their staff and promoting a innovation culture in the company.
KPO industry is expected to grow at 50% every year. To tap the KPO market effectively, leaders will need to know the US innovation and research industry inside out. With Innovationtrip, leaders will get to spend an entire day with people who are industry leaders in various facets of innovation handling core processes for fortune 500 companies.

3. Innovation Trip looks like a technical event, why should non-technical executives attend it?
Ans :
We all have innovation and creativity within us. Innovationtrip lets you meet the most innovative minds and places in the world. Innovation can be applied by any individual to any process in the organization. It can be HR, R&D, operations, administration, leadership development or business development. The program sparks innovation and creativity among executives and lets them apply the same culture and attitude with their teams making day to day work more efficient and productive. Leaders from various fortune 500 companies have gained tremendous confidence, enthusiasm and disruptive growth through innovation in their organizations.

4. How can I use Innovation Trip to get my employees motivated?
Innovation Trip is a dream organizational and career growth prospect for budding engineers in your organization. It has been known that growth and career factors in organizations are the reason why employees leave their company. Innovationtrip has discount offers for organizations that want to announce a competition for innovative employees in their organizations. The winners will spend a week with the world’s best universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and get a hands on workshop on the next wave in business ‘Innovation’.

5. Why will attendants get inspired by the program?
The program is designed to completely take a week off forgetting challenges and problems that your business might face. Getting inspired from the industry experts in innovation and visiting places where the most cutting edge technology is being invented. The different kinds of training that you get in one week will open your mind to new ideas in every direction and expand the horizons of your thinking.

6. Is one week the right amount of time?
The program has been scheduled keeping the busy schedules of executives in mind. The 6 day tour includes 4 workshops from industry leaders in innovation and places where the future is being made. You will take away all the action with you to view with your staff.

7. What do you and your organization take away from the tour?


  • More energy, enthusiasm and excitement about workplace innovation than you can imagine.
  • Training and Tools provided by leading experts in the innovation field in the U.S.
  • Video tour to bring back learning and highlights to share with others in your organization.
  • Connections with other top executives on the tour which you will get to know well in a week of traveling together.

  • Benefits:

  • Increased motivation and energy for employees
  • Greatly accelerated innovation within the company, leading to in-house development of better optimized internal processes and creation of new revenue streams.
  • Development of better strategic relationships across industries.

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