Meet the Experts

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Phil McKinney
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Hewlett-Packard Company

Mark Johnson
Co-Founder and President, Innosight

Mark Johnson is President and co-founder of Innosight. He has led consulting engagements within numerous Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries, including a U.S. defense contractor, a commercial enterprise IT company, and a major medical device manufacturer. He recently led a large-scale innovation management project for the government of Singapore. Many of the insights from Mark’s client work can be found in an article from the 2002 spring issue of Sloan Management Review entitled, “Foundations for Growth: How to Build Disruptive New Businesses”, which he co-authored with Clayton Christensen. As President of Innosight, Mark has been a featured speaker on disruptive innovation at several conferences in the automotive, healthcare, financial services, and venture capital industries, and has presented to various other constituencies, including the Department of Defense.

Mark received his MBA with second year honors from the Harvard Business School. He received a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the United States Naval Academy.

Jonathan Wolfman
Chief Imagination Officer, Icnivad Corporation

Jonathan is a founder of IcniVad, Inc , a company dedicated to user centered innovation. He is a Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional (CHFEP) and has been working in the field of User-Centered Innovation, Usability, Human Factors, and user interface design for over 16 years. He is an expert in designing user experience, making sure that products, software, and processes are engaging, task-oriented, and easy to use.

Jonathan has worked for such companies as IBM Global Services, IBM Federal Systems, Lockheed Martin, and Loral Space & communications. He has received numerous awards, published over a dozen professional papers, and holds several patents.

Howard Citron
Chief Innovation Officer, Icnivad Corporation

Howard, also a founder of IcniVad, Inc, is a driving force in focusing client’s visions and transforming the vision into innovative products and services. His over 15 years of experience in such companies as Verizon, Robotic Vision System, Bell Labs has resulted in numerous design awards has been awarded 12 patents for his innovations in hardware and software technologies.

Sue Baechler
Founder and CEO, Originaliti

Originaliti® invents transformational products & services that help individuals contribute their diverse talents to achieving different business results. Originaliti is a synthesis of Sue Baechler’s 30-year career - 17 years as an Internet and retail executive in operations, education, communications - and 13 years as an entrepreneur. Originaliti serves the individual worker and consumer through business clients like Deloitte & Touche, Xerox, GE Capital, Starbucks, Genentech, H&R Block, Hilton Hotels, CVS Pharmacy, Honeywell, Unisys, Albertsons, Fast Company and Hallmark.

Originaliti’s multiple media products – online services, live events, and interactive simulations – help whole divisions and companies of people “act their way into thinking differently” to keep businesses evolving. Sue’s work with companies in the US, Africa, Europe and Canada has led to the invention of two new services customizable to any organization: 1) The Love It Club™ – a web-based personal & social tool for individual satisfaction, creativity & work effectiveness; and 2) Creative Commercial Communities® an inclusive innovation process that invites consumers & suppliers inside companies to mutually gain from business growth idea generation. Sue has a BA in Communication Design & Education from Buckminster Fuller’s School of Design at Southern Illinois University. Sue lives in Orange County, California with her husband and two children.

Ken Tanner
Employee Retention Consultant

Ken’s first job was scrubbing dishes in a Pizza Hut while attending Mem-phis State University. Ken soon became the youngest manager in that chain’s history. What followed was a 20 year career where Ken once owned a historic dinner theatre as well as served as area director, regional vice president, director of training, and even COO of companies such as Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and Advantage.

At 37, Ken retired from the restau-rant industry and founded a human resource consulting firm. Initially focusing on recruiting, Ken now works with companies to build teamwork and retain their employees.

Ken is the author of Recruiting Excellence (2000), Retaining Employees (2002), Never Order Barbecue in Maine and Proven Career Strategies (2006). Ken’s client list for employee retention includes organizations like Fedex, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Donato’s Pizza, Taco Bell Corp., JDK Enterprises, Morrison’s Healthcare, Ruby Tuesday’s, Inc, WenSouth Corp., Alabama Building Contractors Association, O’Neil Management Services, Inc. and many more.

Ken will complete his Ph.D. studies in Organizational Psychology in autumn of 2006. He is a huge fan of Atlanta Braves baseball; Ken and his family live in Marietta, GA


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