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Global Innovation-Gap to vanish?

Madison Wis. USA-January-20-To help global leaders create a culture of Innovation, BrainReactions LLC announced a 7-day tour of Innovation and Inspiration in the US called Innovation Trip ( ). The program is designed for Global leaders to help them spark innovation and creativity in their organizations, revolutionizing work culture and reducing attrition.

The six day program will take top executives, managers, and driven staff members from all over the world, to workshops and lectures across the U.S to thoroughly explore the American innovation and research industry. With Innovation Trip, business leaders can apply the culture of innovation from America to their companies worldwide. The program has meet-and-greets with innovation thought leaders and cultural excursions within two primary U.S. innovation hubs : Boston and Silicon Valley.

Top experts in the field of research and discovery will share their wealth of knowledge with Innovation Trip participants: from business school professors to CEOs and presidents of consulting firms, as well as experts in employee retention.

There are already people signed up for Innovation Trip from multiple continents, and places as interesting as India, Cameroon and Zambia. Participants include leading industrialists and enthusiasts from all around the world. Is the U.S. going to lose its innovation edge in the future?

BrainReactions LLC, with its headquarters in Madison, WI, has been creating unique and creative solutions in the field of innovation since July 2004. Their CEO, Anand Chhatpar, was recently named as one of the Top 5 Entrepreneurs under 25 by Business Week.

Contact :
Atul Khekade
Phone : +91 9890490198
Email : Atul [dot] Khekade [at]

For US :
Anand Chhatpar
520 University Avenue
Suite 150
Madison WI, USA 53706
Phone: (608) 335-0791
Email : Anand [dot] Chhatpar [at]


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